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October 13, 2017
Three Kids Become Unlikely Friends
by Page Turner

Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass

Ally has lived nearly her entire live at the Moon Shadow campground that she and her family run. The campground is miles from any town, but it’s the perfect spot to view the upcoming eclipse. Bree is totally into fashion, and she’s one of the most popular girls in school. However, her world is about to be changed in a way she never imagined. Jack, who describes himself as clumsy and overweight, is stuck in summer school for not paying attention in science class. But when his teacher offers him an opportunity to get out of summer school, he jumps at the chance.

These kids never imagined how deeply their lives would affect the lives of the other two. The eclipse, and the friendship they form, will impact them and those around them. Get ready for an amazing book about self-discovery and staying true to yourself.

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