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July 15, 2020
They Can’t Take Everything
by Page Turner

If We Were Giants: Matthews, Dave, Smith, Clete Barrett, Caparo ...

If We Were Giants by Dave Matthews and Clete Barrett Smith


Kirra loves going to the Outside, beyond the walls of her small community. She and her father travel from village to spread stories that keep people away from the dormant volcano they call their home. When Kirra accidentally leads a group of Takers back to her home, they destroy everything she loves. After being adopted by the family of a boy named Luwan, Kirra is faced with another chance to save her loved ones from the Takers.


If We Were Giants is a breathtaking story. Love, loss, and what frightened people will do – there’s a very clear message that anyone can see if they look. It also shows how tragic events can affect a person. Kirra loses a lot, and though she comes out the other side, she doesn’t come out unscathed. Her fear and regret add a level of realism to this otherwise otherworldly story.

This book shows humanity beautifully. It doesn’t sugarcoat what can happen when people fear something to the point of destruction, but it doesn’t hide that working together for love and a common goal can lead to great things. The duality of change is depicted in the same way. While change can bring destruction and tragedy, it can also be a catalyst for building strength and hope. I adored everything about this book and I hope you will, too.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

Thanks for reading! Check out my Instagram (@page.turner.omnibus) to see what I’m reviewing next!

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