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November 11, 2018
The River is Rising…
by Page Turner

Ghoulish Song by William Alexander (ages 8-12)

Everyone thinks Kaile died early. She was a baker’s daughter until she played a bone flute given to her by a goblin. The music separated her from her shadow. Now everyone believes that Kaile is dead. Accompanied by her severed shadow and forced to leave home, Kaile searches through Zombay to find out why the flute separated her shadow from her. Worse still, the Zombay river is threatening to flood. Will Kaile be able to stop the flooding like her grandfather once did?

I loved this book for its steampunk and fantastical elements. The steampunk theme is rarely seen in books, though it is a very interesting concept. In the city of Zombay, soldiers called the Guard have clockwork legs, and the Captain’s eyes are made of gears. Clockwork charms are common. Residing in the city alongside humans are goblins and witches. Anyone who loves magic with a little bit of a spooky feeling will love this book.

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