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June 1, 2019
The New Merlin
by Page Turner

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Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy (YA)

Arthur, king of legends, keeps reincarnating. This time, though, he is a she – Ari Helix, fugitive refugee. She’s been hiding from the corrupt Mercer Company since Kay and his moms found her floating through space outside of her closed-off home planet. When she accidentally pulls Excalibur from a massive oak on Old Earth, she sets the cycle into motion once more.

Merlin is tired. Tired of the cycle, tired of agingĀ backwards, tired of everything. This is Arthur’s forty-second reincarnation, after all. The two of them have failed to unite mankind every time before. Who’s to say this time will be any different?

Neither of them had any idea what was in store for them.

Once & FutureĀ really puts a spin on the old myths. It’s the knights of the round table with a female Arthur and a Merlin who has aged into his teens – but in space. Follow Ari and Merlin as they embark on a dangerous quest to save the universe.

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