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October 30, 2020
The House is Alive
by Page Turner

House of Ash: Cook, Hope: 9781419723698: Amazon.com: Books

House of Ash by Hope Cook


Curtis can’t be hearing voices. He can’t, because it would mean that his worst fear of inheriting his father’s mental illness has come to life. Mila has just moved into Gravenhearst with a stepfather who has terrible intentions. They live a hundred years apart, but when they begin seeing each other in mirrors, they realize that their fates aren’t as separate as they think.


Reading this book right before Halloween was one of the best decisions I have ever made. House of Ash perfectly tackles the idea of being completely trapped by your circumstances and the horror of not being able to escape. The magical element really sealed the deal for me – especially since the dark, dangerous side of magic is explored in a way I don’t see very often. Not to spoil too much, but actions have consequences, and magical consequences might be much worse than ordinary ones.

The pacing of this book is a little disorienting, as I’m sure it was meant to be. The point of view changes at very jarring moments, sometimes even right at a climax of one character’s narration, making it just slightly difficult to track what is happening. I also found the romance a little odd, given that neither character really interacts with the other before their romance. I would have liked to see them interact more beforehand and form more of a connection beyond their common link to the house. Besides this, though, I truly enjoyed every moment of this book. This is definitely a book I’d recommend for this time of year.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

Content warning(s): death, guns, violence, negative depiction of mental illness

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