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November 10, 2017
Ten Stories of Courageous Girls
by Page Turner

Girls to the Rescue

Courageous Girls to the Rescue Book 1: The Royal Joust by Bruce Lansky

For girls who are tired of stories with only male heroes, I present to you Girls to the Rescue. Girls to the Rescue is about ten different girls who are each the heroines of their stories. The first story is about a girl who is the fairy godmother’s assistant. When the fairy godmother leaves for a while, she’s terrified! But it just may happen that she doesn’t need magic to help people.

The next story is about Maria, her mother Sevilla, and her grandmother. Grandma Rosa is very clumsy, which upsets Sevilla. However, Maria manages to teach her mother a very powerful lesson.

The third story is about Princess Meghan and Prince Sunny. The pair had fallen in love, though Sunny’s mother disapproves. Princess Meghan must now face three tests on her own to marry Sunny.

The fourth story is about a girl named Carla and a greedy merchant. This merchant has cheated Carla’s father before, but Carla may be able to outsmart him.

The next story is about Savannah. Savannah’s father marries a woman named Billie after Savannah’s mother dies. Savannah stays behind on their farm, and many be she’s right to do so.

The sixth story is about Kimi. When Kimi’s brother Taro gets himself in trouble, it is up to Kimi to save him.

The next story is about an innkeeper and his daughter. The innkeeper’s daughter is very wise, and solves many problems.

The eighth story is about Lindsay and her brother Reggie. Reggie has been competing in the Royal jousting tournament. When he wakes up on the day of the final joust and can’t move, it’s up to Lindsay to take his place.

The ninth story is about the Sultan Malik and his wife Chardae. When Malik’s wife Kalila dies, he must find another wife. He divorces two wives before Chardae charms him with her stories.

The last story is about a girl named Lian. Lian has a wooden flute that can summon unicorns. But when the prince uses her to capture one for his zoo, it is up to Liam to free the unicorn.

These stories will inspire any girl to be the best she can be. Rock on, girls!

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