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October 8, 2018
Speaking to the Birds
by Page Turner

Ferals by Jacob Grey

Away from the people of Blackstone, high in a treehouse, lives a young boy named Caw. During the Dark Summer eight years ago, a wave of crime and violence overcame the city and left Caw orphaned. His only friends are a group of three crows, who he can mysteriously speak to. After rescuing a girl named Lydia, he discovers others who can speak to animals. Caw learns that he is a feral: part of an elite group that can communicate with foxes, crows, pigeons, and other animals and insects. However, not all ferals are good. Caw is about to be caught up in something bigger than he could have ever imagined.

When followers of a menacing feral called the Spinning Man escape from a high-security prison, all of Blackstone is in danger again. In a race against time, Caw and a few other ferals must join forces to stop the Spinning Man’s followers from bringing him back from the dead. Follow Caw as he learns to trust others enough to discover things about himself that he never knew.

Attention teens! Starting next week, I will begin posting two reviews: one for kids and the other for teenagers. Read along for some of the best in YA fiction!

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