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April 21, 2020
She Can Fly!
by Page Turner

The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

Betty and Joe McCloud are perfectly ordinary people. Their daughter Piper, however, is not. Ever since she was born, Piper has been able to fly. Her parents keep her as hidden as possible from the world around her. When she finally gets to meet other children, however, her flying gets her into a whole lot of trouble. She goes with Dr. Hellion to a school with others who are abnormal like her. But all may not be what it seems…

I have to admit that this book may confuse some readers. The Girl Who Could Fly probably has the most plot twists I’ve seen in a children’s book to date. Not everything is what it appears to be, and even when you realize this, there may be more layers to the truth. In short, suspicion is key when it comes to reading this book. The reader can’t even always be sure of Piper, the main character. You’ll really have to stay on your toes for the entire story. Besides the plot twists, the narration can get a bit confusing as well. The Girl Who Could Fly is written in third person omnipresent (which is just a fancy way of saying that the narrator knows everything). There are some points where it seems to change point of view when it’s really not.

Despite it’s potential for confusion, The Girl Who Could Fly is really a phenomenal book. Every second is full of excitement that will keep readers engaged throughout the entire story. I’d also have to say that it struck me as a more lighthearted, child-friendly version of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – which is an extremely good YA book. If you’re looking for a story with a perseverant protagonist and more plot twists than I care to count, this is it.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

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