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August 26, 2020
Same World, Different Dimension
by Page Turner

Sisters of Glass: Cyprus, Naomi: 9780062458476: Amazon.com: Books

Sisters of Glass by Naomi Cyprus


Nalah and Halan live in the same world, geographically, but their lives are very different. In Nalah’s New Hadar, it is forbidden to use magic, while Halan in the Magi Kingdom is the first royal to be born without it. When magic unexpectedly brings them together, it will take everything they have to right wrongs in both of their dimensions.


The use of duality in this book is astounding. I have to hand it to Ms. Cyprus – it can’t be easy to write two places that are opposite in practically every way and have them mesh together so well. However, I think the fact that New Hadar and the Magi Kingdom are so different is what makes Sisters of Glass so powerful. Halan and Nalah’s apparent incompatibility with their own worlds helps them to understand each other so much better than if they had nothing at all in common. Without that small detail, there would hardly be a story at all.

I also appreciated the sentiment that neither of their worlds was safe and the emphasis on the need for change. Even when Halan and Nalah are in the dimensions where they seem like they should fit in, there are still massive dangers for them. Rather than “fixing” everything by switching dimensions, they focus on fixing what’s wrong in both of them and making them better places. For me, that was the most important part – just because you seem like you should fit in somewhere doesn’t mean that you do, and fitting in doesn’t mean that you can’t see problems and work towards fixing them.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

Content warning(s): death, violence

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