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Relationship Summary

1) Authors must submit a book manuscript, rough draft, or clear idea of the book project for review. Additionally, authors should submit a brief marketing plan.

2) After your book is submitted and approved for publication, we’ll send you the publishing contract so we can all come to a clear agreement and both parties will be protected.

3) You are responsible for having your book professional and completed. We don’t do lengthy structural edits, only proofreading and minor edits. This means you may need to hire your own professional editor if your book needs a lot of work. We have several we can refer to you if needed.

4) The author and the publisher split royalties per contract. Once the contract is signed, the author and publisher can discuss and agree upon the Book Title and cover design. We’ll also do minor editing and formatting of the book. After the book title, cover design, edits, and formatting are approved by the author, we’ll publish the book in print, on Amazon Kindle, and iTunes, and start marketing it.

5) We will also write a hot book description for the book on Amazon and do extensive keyword research and on-site SEO for the book to attract as many readers as possible through Amazon search, Google and other search engines.

6) After the book is published, we will schedule a KDP Select Free Promotion on Kindle. This massive 5-day promotion will allow us to attract hundreds, thousands, and in some cases tens of thousands of new readers for the Title. During this promotion, we will promote the book on Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of blogs, forums and Kindle book websites. We will also provide you with a list of marketing activities that only the author can do, such as connecting with Amazon reviewers, posting on certain forums for authors, and more.

7) After the first 90 days in KDP Select, we’ll evaluate book sales and our marketing efforts and form a strategy for the next 90 days– either another KDP Select free promotion or distribution to other ebook distributors such as Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Kobo.