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If you’re ready to publish, you’re in the right place! We’re accepting new authors and we would love for you to contact us! Whether you have an idea for a book, or a manuscript ready for submission, we’re excited to talk with you about your project.

Who We Are

The Omnibus is a hybrid publisher offering competitive, often higher, royalty rates. We specialize in ebooks and print on demand publishing. When you decide to publish with us, you’ll get a dedicated team ready to make your book the best it can be. We don’t have go-betweens, agents, or convoluted lines of communications. Authors can always talk directly with us and get the information or assistance they need.

When it’s needed, we’ll hire the perfect illustrator for your work. We pay all the setup and printing fees, and take care of the formatting, minor editing, bookseller marketing, and help set up web and social media. We’ll work with you to put out the best book possible, and then make it sell!

Depending on the state of your manuscript, your book has potential to launch within a year! Our team will work to get superior works out in a timely manner. However, we consistently ensure that quality, integrity, and reputation take a front seat in production. We get your book completed, create a buzz, and start selling! We won’t try to shove you into a cookie-cutter timeline though; we’ll strategize your release dates according to your genre, awards you may be eligible for, whether it’s holiday related, and any other pertinent factors.

Currently we only publish works from authors located in the US. We’re open to any genre of writing, but also retain the right to choose what we publish, and decline a manuscript for any reason. Though we offer minor editing, if your manuscript is in need of extensive edits, we will recommend that you seek professional, full editing services outside of our company.

Check out our current author pages to see the people we’ve worked with already. We’d love to add you to our team! If you have a manuscript ready for submissions, see our guidelines here.