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YA Fiction
Pumpkin Pie
Written by Katelyn Brawn
Illustrated by
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Happily ever after is possible. It’s getting there that’s hard.

For no one is this more true than high school senior, Michelle “Elle” Conner. Elle is a simple, hard working girl from a small town in the middle of East Jesus Nowhere. Cast as a secondary character in her own life, Elle lives in the constant shadow of her annoying twin sisters. Her mother’s cold shoulder coupled with her father’s absence leaves Elle feeling isolated in her own home.  Her one escape is waitressing at the local pie shop, Hap-PIE-ly Ever After.

Despite her hardships,  a surprising accident during senior year turns everything on its ear. Once upon a time she was nobody, but perhaps her fairytale is closer than she thinks.

Written by YA Fiction writer, Katelyn Brawn, cover art by Dissect Designs.