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YA Fiction
Pecan Pie
Written by Katelyn Brawn
Illustrated by
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A Hap-pie-ly Ever After Story

By Katelyn Brawn

In her hometown of Harpersgrove, Bella Southland is considered odd. A homeschooled, early high school graduate, she’s not into parties and never had a boyfriend. Besides, boys in books are better. This is a truth that Bella knows universally. She’d rather lose herself in the pages of classic than in the terrifying universe of teenage dating. With a waistline that leaves much to be desired, she’s never considered herself the object of anyone’s affections.

When an unexpected opportunity arises, Bella is forced away from her comfort zone, family, and friends. Isolated in a mysterious world where not everyone is as they seem, she must forge onward to find confidence, acceptance, and unconditional love. Most of all, Bella must summon a courageous heart and become the heroine of her own story.