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Middle Grade Fiction
Addie’s Sketchbook: Summer in Wellfleet
Written by Ruut DeMeo
Illustrated by Ruut DeMeo

“Summer in Wellfleet” is an illustrated min-mystery that comes to life on the pages of a funny, thirteen year old girl.” – Ruut DeMe, Author & Illustrator

Thirteen year old Addie doesn’t do well with change, which is why she’s not looking forward to spending summer at Pop’s empty cabin in Wellfleet. It doesn’t help that Addie’s mom has secretly signed her up for an arts middle school, making Addie question her love of doodling. When mysteries around Pop’s death begin to emerge, Addie abandons her cautious side, and goes on her life’s strangest adventure – alone! – sending everyone frantically looking for her. By facing her fear of change, Addie finds out that family isn’t always what you expect. Sometimes, family simply means the people who care about you.

What People Are Saying:

“Ruut DeMeo makes magic in Addie’s Sketchbook. It’s a dash of charming and a splash of mystery and I can’t help rooting for Addie. Tweens will love this diary-novel.”

Cindy Callaghan, Author, “Just Add Magic”, “Saltwater Secrets”, and the “Lost In”… books.

“Addie’s journey to the beach takes a byway to the past and the future. DeMeo keeps us firmly in the present alongside Addie. She’s a sleuth, unraveling family mysteries & neighbors’ histories, all while falling helplessly in love with an adorable pug. Pick this one up for fans of “Drama” or “Dork Diaries.”

      -Cheryl Dishon, MFA, VCFA, and Baltimore Librarian

“A gutsy detective, fun drawings, and a loveable dog–what more could young readers ask for?” 

     Elissa Brent Weissman, Author, “The Renegade Reporter,” “Length of a String” & the “Nerd Camp” books

“This delightful, ultra charming and hilarious romp through the mind—and summer—of 13-year-old Addie is impossible to put down. A sweet summertime treasure. I loved it!”

     Carolyn Turgeon, Author, “The Next Full Moon” and the “Faerie, Mermaid & Unicorn” Handbooks

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