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December 4, 2020
Our Favorite Picture Books
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Our Favorite Picture Books at The Omnibus

Choosing our favorite picture books wasn’t easy. It’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. *Sigh* Therefore, we scoured the data to come up with nine of our top selling picture books of all time. Here they are in all their glory with a little background to help you pick a new fave bedtime or story time favorite!

First up: The Pig’s Did It! by Candy Grant, Ph.D.

The Pigs Did ItThis book was our first to print in 2014 and quickly become a fan favorite. Perhaps it’s because every kid can see themselves in a messy room, only to say later, “It wasn’t me!” Or maybe it’s that every parent has a little piggy making a messy room? Either way, kids and parents both will enjoy the antics of the messy pigs. There’s even a ‘contract’ at the end of the book designed to foster a healthy conversation with kids about responsibility, honesty, and cleanliness. The Pigs Did It! continues to be our top earner, selling in China and the UK through our global distribution channels.

Next are our first two award winning books.

cover image of children's book A Fairy Tale by Candy Grant illustrated by artist Rebecca Jordan-Glum







A Fairy Tale, by Candy Grant, PhD. and Sometimes Sleep, by Jonathan C. Nordstrom. Both earned a Mom’s Choice Award, Gold, Honoring Excellence. Nordstrom’s book also claimed the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award for best bedtime story (2015), and was chosen as a top 100 Notable book from Shelf Unbound Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition (2015). Both include lush, hand created illustrations.

A Fairy Tale is simply a gorgeous book with hidden gems in every image. Check out these Amazon reviews and you’ll see why this award winner belongs on your shelf! Illustrator, Rebecca Jordan-Glum is now also a published author. She wrote and illustrated The Trouble with Penguins, published by Macmillan Publishers, 2020. 

Imagine living where snow is on the ground at least half the year and snowball fights are illegal! 

That’s exactly the situation the main character of our next story faces in his small, Colorado town. Our only non-fiction,illustrated children’s book, Snowballs for Severance, The Terrifically True Story of Dane Best and the Snowball Ban, is a must read. It’s the true story of how 9 year old Dane Best reversed the snowball ban in his small Colorado town. An Amazon #1 New Release in 2019 and multi award winning book.


book cover image of children's counting book let's count fish by michaela schuettimage of Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey Hangs Ten cover page







Two of our best sellers are perfect for pre-schoolers and both are illustrated by Michaela Schuett. Let’s Count Fish, written and illustrated by Michaela Schuett, is a fun and entertaining way to introduce counting. The text is sight word strong and perfect for emerging readers. Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey Hangs Ten, by Krissy Mach Atchison. Atchison is the first author to sign with us and her book is a rhyming tale based loosely on her brother’s surfing adventures. 

Author Jennifer Lee Kouo, Ph.D. gave us a fantastic story that introduces kids to multiple forms of media including book cover image of Paint me the Sky children's bookpencil, oil paint, and graffiti. In Paint me the Sky, the story follows Piper as she is relentlessly attempts to capture the constantly evolving elements of the sky. Artist, Stephanie Parks, hand rendered the illustrations in the exact medium each artist specializes in. Then we scanned a digital image for the book layout. This is a must read for budding artists in your house!

cover image of candy grant's children's book, "Liona's Tattered Tutu"Rounding out our top selling picture books is Liona’s Tattered Tutu, by Candy Grant, Ph.D. A story of ballet, tutus, and overcoming bullies. Every image is hand painted in acrylic with a palette knife on canvas. Then a digitally rendered for the book by artist, Amanda Hilburn. Readers from around the globe love this story and the incredible illustrations.

We love hearing from you! Drop a comment below and let us know which of our picture books are your favorite. You can find all of these titles here or on Amazon. Happy Hollidays to All!



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