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June 1, 2019
Not Your Average Fairytale
by Page Turner

Image result for princess princess ever after

Princess Princess Ever After by Katie O’Neill (ages 8 and up)

Princess Sadie is trapped in a tower. When someone comes riding up, she assumes it’s just another prince and dismisses her would-be savior. Except Amira is certainly no prince, though she does mean to get Sadie out of her tower. Rescuing Sadie brings her a whole load of trouble that she could have never foreseen.

Princess Princess Ever After is one of my favorite children’s graphic novels. It’s full of beautiful artwork and inclusivity. Children will love Amira and Sadie’s story and the reversal of stereotypical fairytale roles. I mean, how awesome is a sword-wielding, unicorn-riding princess with absolutely fabulous hair? And though Sadie is as kind as any storybook princess, she is fierce in her own unique way. This story will show kids that anyone, absolutely¬†anyone, can be a princess.

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