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March 2, 2018
So much more than just Cancer Girl
by Page Turner

Halfway Normal by Barbara Dee

Norah Levy is finally returning to school after two years of chemotherapy treatment for leukemia. She’s psyched to start seventh grade with her best friends Harper and Silas. The only problem is, everything is different. Most of the seventh grade students and teachers only treat her as Cancer Girl, and some of her classmates act as if she is constantly seeking attention. Worse, Silas is distant and hardly talks to Norah. Her only solace is math class, which she takes with the eighth graders due to her rapid acceleration from tutoring. There, she sits next to a boy named Griffin, who is new to the eighth grade. Griffin and the eighth graders don’t know Norah is in seventh grade, and don’t treat her delicately like her other classmates.

When Norah’s parents’ after school rules, her eighth-grade identity, and having difficulty telling Harper how she feels begin to get Norah in trouble, she must make a choice – will she finally speak out about here cancer?

Follow Norah on this amazing journey to find what really matters.

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