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May 20, 2020
Middle School is Tough!
by Page Turner


Awkward, Brave, and Crush by Svetlana Chmakova

Awkward Summary

At Peppi’s new school, there’s a big rivalry between the art club and the science club. Will she be able to come together with the boy she pushed in the halls on her first day and help them work together?

Brave Summary

Jensen dreams of saving the world from sunspots and the zombie apocalypse, but real life with all its evil math teachers is a lot harder than dreams. But he might just have to face reality and all the challenges that come with middle school.

Crush Summary

Jorge is a pretty big middle schooler, and he uses that to stand up for those who can’t. He seems to have himself all worked out, but a crush on a girl in the drama club may be enough to throw him off balance.


These books are honestly some of the best children’s graphic novels I’ve come across. They tackle the real-life problems that come with middle school with humor when it’s appropriate and seriously when it’s not. Above all, I think each of these books would be good for a kid who feels like they really don’t fit in at school. We’re all different, which is something that all of these books celebrate.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

Check out @page.turner.omnibus on Instagram to see what else I’m up to!

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