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July 14, 2014
Look What’s Coming!
by admin

We have a big year ahead for children’s authors Candy Grant and Krissy Mach Atchison!

Before the end of 2014 these women will have made their mark on the children’s literature scene! You can meet them both in September at the Baltimore Book Festival. Stop by our tent, grab a book, and get an autograph from your new favorite children’s author. We will even have illustrators Beth Hughes (Will You Bee My Honey) and Richard Reinhardt (Lee-Lee The Surfing Monkey Goes to Australia) to sign limited edition prints and posters. Stay tuned for information on when everyone will be available throughout the weekend!

Make plans to attend September 26-28, 2014!

Book release schedule:

Books by Krissy Mach Atchison

Available November, 2014
Lee-Lee The Surfing Monkey Goes to Australia

Books by Candy Grant:

Available August, 2014

Will You Bee My Honey? Illustrated by Beth Hughes ~ Ages 3 and up (adults will enjoy this honey of a love story)
A bee finds his true love and asks her to “bee his honey.” He doesn’t have lots of money, but he has lots of honey. He promises to love her all his life, if she will be his bumble-bee wife. Launching August 25, 2014.

Available September, 2014

Closet Creep: A Not So Scary Monster Story, Illustrated by Michaela Schuett ~ Ages 4 to 7
A little boy is afraid to fall asleep because in his closet lives a closet-creep. What’s that? The door opens and out pops who? A surprise ending that’s not scary for me or for you! Launching 9/26/2014 at the Baltimore Book Festival!

Available in 2015

A Fairy Tale, Illustrated by Rebecca Jordan-Glum ~ Ages 3 to 7
A fairy flies into a little girl’s room and fills it with fairy light. She tickles her nose and puts fairy dust on her nose. She then takes a ride on the ceiling fan, and has so much fun that she tells her fairy friends. Later, the girl awakens to find ten fairies riding on her ceiling fan, all laughing and having a blast.

Breely the Butterfly, Illustrated by Jonathan Cumberland ~ Ages 6 to 10
Breely is not like the other butterflies in the meadow. She was born solid-white, with a birthmark on her right wing in the shape of a scary face. While the other butterflies are dancing at the ball, she watches alone from the limb of a tall tree. Will Breely become a part of the ball when she saves the other butterflies from attacking birds? Themes: bullying, acceptance, and self-esteem.

Big Bad Wolfie Tells His Side of the Story, Illustrated by Elle Wyant ~ Ages 5 to 9
There are two sides to every story! Big Bad Wolfie gets his chance to explain it all in a fabulously fun tale told from the villain’s perspective.

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