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August 1, 2021
Join the Celebration!
by Page Turner

Ancestor Approved by Joseph Bruchac, Art Coulson, Christine Day, Eric Gansworth, Carole Lindstrom, Dawn Quigley, Rebecca Roanhorse, David A. Robertson, Andrea L. Rogers, Kim Rogers, Cynthia Leithich Smith, Monique Gray Smith, Traci Sorell, Tim Tingle, Erika T. Wurth, Brian Young


Native American families have come from all over America to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the Mother Earth Powwow. Come join in a celebration of family, culture, and heritage.


Ancestor Approved is a beautiful collection of stories. The characters from each story come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Despite their differences, their Native heritage connects them all. As the characters danced, sold food or artwork, or shared stories, their voices came through clearly. Every story was a celebration in some way.

My favorite thing about this anthology was definitely how all of the stories were interconnected. Whether by one small element or as a retelling of the same story from another perspective, not one story was isolated. It added something I tend to find lacking in anthologies – connection. Ultimately, this book is full of joy and celebration of Native American culture and heritage. I wish there were more books like it.

Yours in love and literature,


Content warning(s): bullying, racism, mention of residential schools, abuse

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