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March 10, 2018
Join the Food Truck Race!
by Page Turner

Maddy and Cole, Inc. by Richie Frieman

Maddy just woke up, and things are already not going as planned. Her best friend, Ella, has a dental appointment, forcing Maddy to work in her grandfather’s food truck after school. She desperately wants a new bike, but the bike she wants is way too expensive for her parents to buy. A boy from school named Kenneth’s father also owns a food truck, but it is much flashier than Maddy’s Pop Pop’s truck. Her father comes up with a solution: Maddy will work for her Pop Pop to earn money, and her parents will match it dollar-for-dollar. Eventually she will have enough to buy the bike she wants. However, Maddy’s plans take a turn when Pop Pop enters the Food Truck Grand Prix, a competition in which food trucks compete to get the most votes. Now she has to get her family’s food truck competition-ready for – yikes! – this weekend.

Along the way, Maddy will learn something about the priceless value of family. Will she and her Pop Pop win the Food Truck Grand Prix? Read this thrilling adventure and find out.

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