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January 27, 2018
Is he a genius… Or does he have a Genius?
by Page Turner


Rebel Genius by Micheal Dante DiMartino

Giacomo Ghiberti is a boy who lives in the sewers of Virenzia, the capital of the Zizzolan empire. At the age of three, his parents were captured by the Supreme Creator Nerezza. Their bird-like Geniuses were executed, and Giacomo’s parents became Lost Souls soon after. Ever since, Giacomo has barely survived on his own, living off of burnt bread routinely stolen from a baker. Then, a Genius of his own appears.

Giacomo is terrified that he’ll be caught. He a only has his Genius for a day before they are found by Savino, Milena, and Aaminah. The three strangers take them to Baldassare Barrolo’s villa, where Giacomo begins to learn art and Sacred Geometry from Pietro Vasari, an amazing artist who had long been believed dead. All is well until Giacomo learns something about himself that launches him and his new friends into a wild race to find the Creator’s Compass before the evil Ugalino and his Tulpa Zanobius.

Will Giacomo and his friends succeed, or will Ugalino and Zanobius defeat them? Find out in Rebel Genius.

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