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August 6, 2017
The Iron War Has Changed Everything…
by Page Turner

The Secrets of Solace

Lina Winterbock is an apprentice to the archivists in the mountain stronghold of Ortana. She should be reading books and studying the mysterious objects that fall from the sky in the Scrap Towns, but the Iron War between the Merrow kingdom and the Dragonfly territories has turned the strongholds into a refuge. Lina spends her time exploring the caves and tunnels in her home. In one of the forgotten chambers, she works to fix a half-buried airship that no one else knows about.

And then she meets Ozben. Ozben has a dangerous secret that could disrupt the archivists’ neutral position in the Iron War. The pair work to uncover the airship and make it usable. But with the looming threat of the war and the secrets that Lina and Ozben uncover, will they ever be safe?

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