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Michaela Schuett

Michaela’s love of books started in the early 80s with the stacks of picture books from the library her grandmother managed in Litchfield, Nebraska. Now, after nearly 15 years of working as an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer, Michaela is an official draw-at-home mom, who looks forward to each library trip with her two children.

Michaela is the illustrator of Omnibus titles, Closet Creep and Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey Hangs Ten. She is also tapped to illustrate Krissy Mach Atchison’s next Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey book, as well as beginning several book projects where she will be both author and illustrator.

You can follow her work and blog at:

twitter: @ladyandlu

instagram: michaelasue_

blog: www.michaelaschuett.com

Professional portfolio: www.cargocollective.com/michaelaschuett