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November 26, 2018
He Disappeared Without a Trace
by Page Turner

The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth (ages 8-12)

Years ago, Walter Pidgin disappeared into Crow’s Woods and never came back. Nate, quite unwilling, has moved into Walter’s old house. In his new bedroom, he finds Walter’s tape recorder, on which are tapes of his adventures that led up to his disappearance. All of a sudden, Nate begins to see things that Walter had seen before he ran away. He teams up with next-door neighbor Tabitha and a small band of creatures from The Kingdom to defeat the shadows and their consort, the Vespertine.

The Lost Boy is a story full of magic and wonder. Follow Nate as he uncovers the mystery of Walter’s disappearance and fights to save the world. This book is perfect for anyone who likes magic, mystery, and doesn’t mind getting a little scared.

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