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March 20, 2021
Grief is a Heavy Thing
by Page Turner

Cover Reveal: Right As Rain by Lindsey Stoddard - A Fuse ...

Right as Rain by Lindsey Stoddard


Rain and her family are moving to New York. Her mom says it’s time for a fresh start, and even though it means that Rain will have to start a new school just a few weeks before summer, she agrees. The anniversary of her brother’s death is coming up, after all, and still no one knows her secret about what happened that night.


Right as Rain is an absolutely heartbreaking story. There’s a heavy undercurrent of grief throughout, especially as Rain reveals what happened on the night of her brother’s death in increments. It really encapsulates the fact that it takes time to heal from grief and the confusion that comes with thinking you should have everything figured out. As a logical character, Rain wrestles with the fear of what will happen to her family without her brother. In a new city with fighting parents and missing her old life, she doesn’t always know what to do. Her life, suddenly, is full of changes.

Even with all of the sadness and grief, there’s a thread of hope and determination that keeps the story afloat. Rain makes new friends, finds places where she feels she fits, and branches out from her old life to a new one. Though her family’s move was motivated almost entirely by pain, she finds ways to make it a bit more positive. The changes in her life both distract her from and help her with her pain. As she fights grief and guilt, she finds new people and things who she can fight for, not against. Right as Rain¬†takes painful topics and pushes them towards hope. If you’re looking for a good cry with themes that will stick with you, this is definitely the book for you.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

Content warning(s): referenced death

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