Baltimore, MD – USA


Spring 2024


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New Release in 2024

by Richie Frieman

Arriving Spring 2024

A book based on the question “How can you be optimistic with a dementia diagnosis⁉️

The Optimitstics is an inspiring, true story about three best friends battling Young-Onset Dementia, who dubbed themselves “The Optimistics.” Their positive outlook on their illness has created an echo chamber nationwide, allowing other Optimistics afflicted with Alzheimer’s to adopt their mantra.

In The Optimistics, Frieman details interviews with dozens of other Optimistics of all ages and professional backgrounds – along with their families – to get their viewpoints on life, love, happiness, sadness, loss, and the unbreakable desire to remain optimistic. Through countless hours of conversations over a year, Frieman’s memoir is a passionate display of love, compassion, and hope for the Alzheimer’s community.


Richie Frieman

Author, Speaker, Podcaster

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