Ann Attayek Carr

Children’s Book Author and Business Consultant

First time children’s book author, Ann Attayek Carr, has been a corporate consultant, executive coach, student of classical piano, and Peace Corps volunteer. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, she managed a women’s business development enterprise, and later led an international volunteer program for the American Red Cross.

Outside of book writing, she has published articles in the Gestalt Review and is owner/principal of Intruequest(R), an organizational effectiveness and executive coaching firm. Her first book, Ann and the Raven, was inspired by true events that occurred during her time quarantined in the 2020 global pandemic. A self-proclaimed wanna-be creative, Ann dreams of being a fashion designer when she grows up.

Children’s books are magical things! As a child, I would lose myself in a good children’s book, savoring each page in all its illustrative glory. Often I took more time completing a book than necessary because I would study every illustration closely before proceeding to the next page. By the time I finished a book, it felt like an afternoon had gone by, and I had the sensation that I had just come off of some big adventure. Now that I create my own children’s books, I want to instill that same love, focus, and sense of drama in young readers, that I had when I was a kid.
Anne Attayek Carr

It is only in sorrow bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it.

Amelia Barr


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