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Katelyn Brawn is an American author, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Her love of fairy tales and storytelling led her to write the Hap-PIE-ly Ever After series. Certain there’s more substance to the story beyond the traditional tale, Katlelyn provides modern context and setting to make the original titles more relatable to today’s readers.

I want to show girls that happily ever after isn’t out of reach, even in the darkest of situations. I want them to see that they aren’t alone in the issues they face every day, both big and small.

Her debut book Pumpkin Pie, hit #1 Hot New Releases on Amazon. Katelyn is a sought-after book club speaker and library panelist. When she isn’t writing, she’s creating engaging content for her 500k+ followers on TikTok under the user name @atomicapplepie. Her fans especially enjoy stories about her father, dubbed Papa Apple Pie by her followers, and his antics.

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INNOCENT An Obscene Miscarriage of Justice

In 1981, at the age of eighteen, John N. Huffington was found guilty of a double homicide in Harford County, Maryland. He was given two death sentences plus 21 years in what became known as the Memorial Day Murders.

Maintaining his innocence from day one, John spent 32 years, 2 months, and 28 days in the Maryland Prison System, the first 10 years of his sentence were on death row. John’s conviction was tainted with flimsy, unsubstantiated science and a prosecutor who withheld or tried to destroy evidence. His lost years included stints at Supermax and other sites notorious for corruption and violence. It took more than three decades, two trials, and numerous appeals before DNA evidence in the case finally helped secure John’s release in 2013.

Told in his own words, this powerful true story of an innocent man caught in a flawed justice system is simultaneously heartbreaking and enraging. It’s a challenge to the belief system of “innocent until proven guilty,” where there is no clear line between justice and the condemned.

“You will be demoralized and exhilarated by this book. Wrongful convictions caused by corrupt prosecutors are a sad fact of life, and John Huffington brilliantly depicts its devastating human impact. Huffington guides you through the worlds of drug dealing, the legal system, decades in prison, and finally freedom with clear, passionate prose. You will never forget this story.”

-Tom Jackman, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Washington Post


John Huffington

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Told in his own words, the true story of John N. Huffington’s wrongful conviction and his road to freedom.

“An Innocent: An Obscene Miscarriage of Justice, is a gripping, harrowing and amazing journey of a man, who if not for the pursuit of the truth, and some luck, would be dead today.  Instead, John Huffington is alive to tell his story that everyone should read.  To ignore what happened to John would be a travesty – something we can never allow to happen again.”  Martin H. Tankleff, Peter P. Mullen Distinguished Visiting Professor, Georgetown University; Special Counsel to Barket Epstein Kearon Aldea & LoTurco,LLP and New York State Exoneree.

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