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February 20, 2022
For Magic of Her Own
by Page Turner

The 'Kingdom of Souls' Cover Promises a Dark & Magical ...

Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron


Arrah has never been able to wield magic like her family. This year is her last chance – and yet, she receives nothing more than an ominous vision from her grandmother. When she returns home to find that children have been going missing, she can’t stand by and do nothing, so she begins trading away her life for magic that will help her find them. But all magic comes with a price, and this price is steeper than she ever could’ve imagined.


Kingdom of Souls is everything I could have wanted in a fantasy book – fascinating worldbuilding, a complex magic system, and relationships that are believable without too much convincing. Fantasy worlds can be difficult to explain without infodumping, but Barron did a wonderful job with this book. There’s even a website where readers can find words they don’t understand without diverging from the plot on-page. I loved the introduction of the magic system and its logical explanation as the story progressed. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen the concept of trading years for power, but it never fails in its impact. The creation of this universe is truly masterful.

Too many fantasy books tend to make romance subplots overpowering. I’ve seen my fair share of those where the author works overly hard to convince readers that characters belong together. In this book, our love interests constantly toe the line between platonic and romantic love. Between being childhood friends and having parents who hate each other, the two are truly in a tight spot. Though I wish the “childhood friends” aspect had been played up more, certain moments made clear how long they had known each other. Beyond the romance, I absolutely adored the platonic relationships. The characters’ concern for one another was apparent even outside of romantic relationships. Kingdom of Souls is masterfully written and I’m looking forward to seeing what the sequel has in store!

Yours in love and literature,


Content warning(s): self-harm as part of a ritual, blood magic, child death, mental manipulation, violence, death, animal possession, possession, sexual acts performed while a character is disguised as another, toxic family relationships

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