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October 7, 2019
Fighting For Their Lives… Again
by Page Turner

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Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – TEEN REVIEW

Before you read this review, be forewarned that there WILL be spoilers for Six of Crows.

Kaz Brekker and his crew thought that the heist at the Fjerdan Ice Court was the end. They should have received their reward and been on their way with more money than they ever dreamed of. Instead, crossed by Jan Van Eck and robbed of one of their most valuable members, the band of misfits is forced to return to Ketterdam. There, plans are formed, allies and enemies are made, and unexpected visitors threaten to upset the whole mission. What else could possibly go wrong?

Sequels are usually a hit-or-miss. Either they provide a riveting extension to a story or they serve as an unnecessary add-on. I’m happy to let you know that Crooked Kingdom falls into the former category. If you’ve read Six of Crows (which you should, or none of this book will make sense), you know how frustrating the ending was. This book is the perfect follow-up. I won’t give away anything more, but just know that you will probably be very happy with how everything turns out.

Find my last review here. Stay posted for my next teen review. Yours in love and literature, Page Turner

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