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August 11, 2017
Fairies? No way!
by Page Turner

In Darkling Wood by Emma Carroll

Alice Campbell is having a pretty rough time. Her younger brother, Theo, has recently received a heart transplant and must stay in the hospital for a short time while he recovers. The hospital only has room for her mom to stay, and instead of being sent to her best friend Lexie’s house as she expects, Alice goes to her grandmother Nell’s. Nell doesn’t get along with Alice’s father, and Alice barely knows her. And to top it all off, her father, who is married to someone else, remains continuously distant. At this point, things are looking pretty bad.

Staying at Nell’s isn’t a piece of cake either. Much to the anger of everyone in town, Nell plans to have the ancient Darkling Wood behind her house cut down. In these woods, Alice meets Flo, who strongly believes in fairies. Flo attempts to convince Alice that the fairies are real, and are making mischief to stop the woods from being cut down. Surprisingly, Flo doesn’t attend the local school, and no one knows her. The kids at school aren’t much better either, having heard from their parents of the plan to remove the woods. Ella and Max are the two students who are assigned to help Alice in school. After Ella learns that Alice is staying with her grandmother, however, she becomes distant. Max continues to be Alice’s friend. As the events become more and more drastic, Alice must make a choice: will she go against her grandmother’s wishes, continue meeting Flo, and try to save the woods? Or will she obey her grandmother and allow the woods to be cut down? Are the fairies delaying the woods’ destruction, or is it simply natural occurrences? Find out when you read In Darkling Wood.

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