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April 3, 2020
Every Prediction Comes True…
by Page Turner

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

Blue Sargent knows kissing her true love will be deadly. She’s been told the same thing all her life by her clairvoyant family ever since she was young. When she sees a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve, something a person without the second sight shouldn’t be able to do, she knows there are only two possible reasons for it – either she’s Gansey’s true love or she killed him. For Blue, it might be both. Gansey, a Raven Boy, is looking for a ley line that will lead him to an ancient king. He’s been searching for years and finding the ley line is everything to him. Crossing paths with Blue may be the final push he needs.

Once I picked this book up, that was it for me. You know how sometimes a book just draws you in so much that you’re disoriented when it ends? That was The Raven Boys for me. (And if you haven’t ever experienced anything like that, this book is a good one for you.) If you’ve read a lot of my reviews, you’ve probably picked up that I’m a sucker for good characterization. I find that it keeps me engaged in a story better if the characters are well-developed. Each and every person in this book intrigued me in their own way. Even characters that weren’t present very often didn’t seem like flat side characters. The storyline, of course, was riveting and had me hanging on to every word until the very last.

Of course, the problem now is that I don’t have any of the other books and my library is closed because of the quarantine… Seriously, one day I’ll learn to just get the entire series out at once when I pick up the first book. If you’re looking for quarantine reads and can get it safely, I’d definitely suggest The Raven Boys.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

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