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January 2, 2014
Capture Your Family’s Best Moments with a Memory Jar
by OmnibusPub

How to Make a Memory Jar

Document your family's best moments with a memory jar - The Omnibus PublishingOne of our family’s favorite things is to sit around and reminisce. “Remember when…?” becomes a huge giggle fest with my 8, 6, & 4 year old. Their giggles and (often slightly off) memories leave my husband and I belly laughing. I wanted to help my kids remember the fun we’ve had as a family, and let’s face it, not all moments are photo-ops! But, alas, I’m no Pinterest or scrapbook maven. In fact, my boards number “a plenty”, as my Great-Grandma used to say; and they are full of pinned good intentions. However, I once made an “I’m Bored Jar” (found on Pinterest) and thought I could do a similar thing with positive affirmations and compliments for my kids. They could grab one every day, or just on days they felt a need for a pick-me up. This evolved into saving memories of our family’s favorite moments of the year. And yes, you can find this on Pinterest as well, but this is what our family did. I promise we kept it easy-peasy, as shown in the photos below!

All you need is:

  • an empty, clean jar
  • some scrap paper (if you have kids, you probably have plenty of this, in plenty of colors)
  • a pen/marker/crayon (better have all of these to appease the writing styles of the masses)

Feel free to decorate your jar as you see fit. Each time your family enjoys a memorable moment, write it down (or have the kids write it down) and place in the jar. You can write anything; from cute things your toddler said, to special awards, sports achievements, compliments you or others give, or anything that makes you happy! Dreams and wishes are allowed!

Collect as many as you want throughout the year. At year’s end, take them out and read them together. Enjoy the laughter and count how many times anyone says “Oh, I forgot about that!” *End with huge giggle fest…and be sure to add that last one to the jar! Happy New Year!

Document your family's best moments with a memory jar - The Omnibus Publishing Document your family's best moments with a memory jar - The Omnibus Publishing










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