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July 9, 2014
The Powerful Gift of a Book by The Omnibus

I’ll never forget the day Christopher opened his birthday present from me 10 years ago. His words were kind and grateful, but the expression on his face told me that he wanted nothing to do with the gift (or anything like it for that matter). It was my first opportunity to buy Christopher a gift […]

June 7, 2014
Now Available For Kindle! by The Omnibus

Our newest children’s books are now available for your Kindle! Click on the image to order yours today!

May 27, 2014
Fight Summer Boredom with a CWIST! by The Omnibus

My mother must have heard my brothers and I say, “I’m bored!” nearly fifty-thousand times while we were growing up. Her response was always the same, though.  She’d say, “Only boring people are bored,” but ten minutes later we’d be back to complaining about being bored again. My brothers and I weren’t “boring people,” though. […]

May 22, 2014
“The Pigs Did It!” Cover Reveal! by The Omnibus

Feast your eyes on the book cover  for Candy Grant’s The Pigs Did It!  In this debut children’s picture book, Mom hears noises coming from her son’s room at bed time. He claims the pigs messed up his room, broke the broom, and more! A fun, fabulous read for ages 6 months and up. Order your copy today! […]

May 15, 2014
Play Ball! The Story of Little League Baseball by The Omnibus

As baseball season is in full swing, we wanted our readers and fans to check out Lance and Robin Van Auken’s Play Ball, the Story of Little League Baseball, the best-selling history of Little League and the World Series. Content includes a new chapter on author John Grisham’s movie, “Mickey,” the Danny Almonte scandal, Tee Ball on […]

May 2, 2014
Candy Grant’s Debut Picture Book is on Pre-Sale Now! by The Omnibus

Congratulations to our own Candy Grant as her picture book, The Pigs Did It! is set to debut this month! Pre-sale orders start today and run through May 30th with pre-sale orders shipping June 1st! ORDER TODAY BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!

April 23, 2014
BREAKING NEWS: Sneak Peek at Candy Grant Galley! by The Omnibus

Ever seen a galley? Well here’s your chance to take a peek at Candy Grant’s, The Pigs Did It!, debuting in May 2014! 

April 9, 2014
Help Kids Learn US Geography by The Omnibus

Grab A Sneak Peek Inside Luigi Discovers Philadelphia! Andiamo! Let’s Go!

March 31, 2014
You Won’t Find This in the Common Core! by The Omnibus

Underpants + Kids = Giggles Galore! Our staffers had fun putting together a list of our favorite books about underpants! Great for ages 4+, it’s action, adventure, laughter, and a whole lot of giggles! What a great way to unwind with your kids! Do you already have one (or more!) of these at home? Tell […]

March 18, 2014
Pley: A Revoloution in Toy Buying by The Omnibus

A while back, somebody told me about Pley, a website that works a lot like Netflix, but instead of shipping movies to your home, they send you LEGO kits. Awesome idea, right?!  Just think of the implications… right now, there are parents spending hundreds of dollars a month on LEGO kits (and countless more parents […]