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Susan Katz

book cover image of Create Your Dream Job, by Maryland author Susan KatzSusan Katz stands for meteoric success – for her clients and for herself.

Rising from sales representative to vice president of major publishing companies at light speed, Susan has the business acumen that makes the difference between average and top performance.

“Create Your Dream Job” is her first book designed to supplement her consulting business. Through her business coaching services, Susan now leverages her own experience and know-how to inspire and empower:

  • business owners
  • executives
  • team leaders

to achieve the clarity, confidence and focus they need to experience the highest level of success possible. 

She does this by:

  • Listening beyond what is said in order to understand what’s really going on.
  • Asking the tough questions.
  • Cutting through the clutter for faster problem solving and forward motion.
  • Holding her clients accountable to their vision.
  • Providing unwavering support at each step in the process.

In addition to helping people maximize results, Susan lends her expertise to a wide range of organizations and causes she’s passionate about.