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Krissy Mach Atchison

Krissy Mach Atchison is thrilled to bring her vision of “Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey” to life. The idea of Lee Lee began very organically when Krissy first started teaching third grade in Baltimore County, Maryland. Early in her teaching career, she realized the importance of incorporating literature into her lessons. When reading novels to her class, she couldn’t help but notice an increase in engagement from her students. Additionally, she used his childhood nickname, Lee Lee the Monkey, and “Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey” was born!Krissy regularly highlighted different continents and countries where her brother, Leon, had been to surf. Some of her most valuable teaching moments occurred during these less structured reading times. The students could not get enough of the stories that accompanied Leon’s travels! As such, their interest in world geography grew.

During her ten year’s of teaching, Krissy combined curriculum concepts with Leon’s travels and graduate studies as an avid surfer. Krissy also serves as our Educational Materials Design Specialist, curating educational content to alongside her book series and for other Omnibus authors.

If you are looking to read for pure enjoyment, or to broaden your child’s knowledge of faraway places, readers of all ages will adore Lee Lee as they follow him on his many adventures around the world!

Lee Lee The Surfing Monkey Goes to Australia Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey Hangs Ten