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Ann Attayek Carr

Meet Ann Attayek Carr!

First time children’s book author, Ann Attayek Carr, has been many things. From a corporate consultant and trainer to executive coach, student of classical piano, and Peace Corps volunteer. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, Ann managed a women’s business development enterprise.  Additionally, she led an international volunteer program for the American Red Cross. Later, Ann spearheaded diversity and leadership training for a fortune 50 global corporation.

Ann has published articles in the Gestalt Review and is currently the owner/principal of Intruequest®, an organizational effectiveness, leadership and team development, and executive coaching firm. Ann is also faculty at the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland, Ohio and the International Gestalt Study Center in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.  She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of North Carolina, a Master of Science degree in Social and Organizational Learning from George Mason University, and a Master Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. On the serious side, Ann is adamant about social justice. On the playful side, Ann loves fringe art, film, and form in many domains.

Her first book, Ann and the Raven, was inspired by true events that occurred during her time quarantined in the 2020 global pandemic. A self-proclaimed “artist without a medium,” Ann dreams of being a fashion designer when she grows up.