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July 22, 2020
One Girl Will Change Her Life by Page Turner

The Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson Summary Piper has lived in Scrap Town 16 her whole life, where scavengers sell artifacts found in the meteors that fall nearby. When her friend gets stuck out in a meteor storm, they find more than just artifacts to sell. The Mark of the Dragonfly means the […]

July 18, 2020
There’s Something In The Woods by Page Turner

Between the Water and the Woods by Simone Snaith, illustrated by Sara Kipin Summary Everyone in Equane knows the rule: don’t ever go into the woods. But when Emeline’s brother breaks this rule, they are forced to go to the capital to report the creature they see. The capital is dangerous, though, and the secret Emeline […]

July 15, 2020
They Can’t Take Everything by Page Turner

If We Were Giants by Dave Matthews and Clete Barrett Smith Summary Kirra loves going to the Outside, beyond the walls of her small community. She and her father travel from village to spread stories that keep people away from the dormant volcano they call their home. When Kirra accidentally leads a group of Takers […]

July 11, 2020
Off With Her Head! by Page Turner

A Blade So Black by L. L. McKinney Summary The night Alice’s father died, she almost did too. With her salvation comes a whole new life. Now, Alice battles Nightmares in the dream realm of Wonderland, trained to keep them out of her world. But when a mysterious figure poisons her mentor, her quest to […]

July 9, 2020
These Aren’t Exactly the Girls You Remember by Page Turner

Cheshire Crossing by Andy Weir, illustrated by Sarah Andersen Summary Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy have all ended up in Cheshire Crossing. Although it appears to be just another sanatorium it’s actually a boarding school where the girls will learn to control their powers. None of them are exactly content to stay locked up, though, and […]

July 5, 2020
We’re All Human by Page Turner

Symptoms of Being Human by Jeff Garvin Summary Riley Cavanaugh is under a lot of pressure. Between dealing with an anxiety disorder, all of the press that comes with a congressman father up for reelection, and being a genderfluid teen in the closet, there’s a lot on Riley’s plate. So, following a therapist’s recommendation, Riley […]

July 2, 2020
29 Days Left… by Page Turner

Felix Yz by Lisa Bunker Summary When he was three, an experiment gone wrong left Felix fused with an alien called Zyx. Ten years later, he’s gearing up for the Procedure, which will either separate him from Zyx or kill him. This, combined with Felix’s crush on a boy from school and his increasing difficulty […]

June 27, 2020
Fighting Doesn’t Solve Everything! by Page Turner

In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan Summary Magic school in the Borderlands isn’t exactly what Elliot had imagined. Technology doesn’t work, everyone wears funny clothes, and – worst of all – there’s always fighting! Luckily, Elliot is ready to solve every conflict he comes across peacefully. He might even meet a few mermaids along the […]

June 25, 2020
The Tale of Two Weddings by Page Turner

The Best Man by Richard Peck Summary Archer has been in two weddings in his twelve-year-old life, one a disaster and the other spectacular. Sit back, he’ll tell you the story. Review To say that I fell in love with this book would be a gross understatement. From the get-go, I was hooked. I think […]

June 20, 2020
This Mystery Will Bring Them Together by Page Turner

Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour Summary Emi Price may be a romantic, but real life is rarely what the movies make it out to be. When a strange letter leads her to find the granddaughter of a famous movie star, Emi is prepared to solve the mystery of a lifetime. Review When I […]