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July 5, 2018
An Extra Day of the Week?
by Page Turner

The Eighth Day by Diane K. Salerni

Jax Aubrey is pretty much a normal kid. I mean, sure, his parents are dead and he’s raised by Riley Pendare, who’s hardly out of high school. Other than that, he’s normal, right? Wrong. Completely, horribly wrong.

The day after Jax turns thirteen, he finds the world empty of people. No one at all. Naturally, Jax thinks it the zombie apocalypse and breaks into a Walmart to get a stash of food. The next day, it’s like nothing ever happened. Everything is back to normal, except for the mysterious break-in at the Walmart. No one knows what happened – except Jax.

As it turns out, Jax and his guardian Riley are Transitioners, which means they experience the extra twenty-four hours between Wednesday and Thursday along with the other seven days of the week. And old Mrs Unger, who thinks she has a ghost living in her house? The ghost is actually Evangeline, who is Kin and only lives in the eighth day. But however awesome that may sound, there are people chasing Evangeline, and the Transitioners are running out of time.

I loved this book because there was so much humor, even though the theme is serious. It also incorporates the mythology of King Arthur and the Round Table, which is not seen as much in literature anymore. The Eighth Day is recommended for kids ages 9+.

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