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March 27, 2021
Always on the Outside
by Page Turner

Amazon.com: The Outsiders eBook: Hinton, S. E.: Kindle Store

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton


Life is hard, especially for greasers like Ponyboy and his friends. They can hold their own against the Socs – rich kids from the other side of town – and know they can count on each other to be there when it counts. But one thing leads to another, and suddenly things have been done that can’t be taken back.


The Outsiders, as some of you might know, was the first book that ever made me cry. There was something about how raw and intense every aspect of it is that had me absolutely bawling by the end. Everything Ponyboy goes through might make it difficult for readers to remember that he’s only fourteen, the openness of his narration serves as a heavy reminder. It’s far from innocent, yet has the air of someone who’s both seen too much and not enough. Ponyboy’s introspective style leads to contemplations of the world’s injustices within the context of his own limited experience.

Part of the emotional charge of The Outsiders comes from just how realistic it is. The greasers and the Socs live in this very judgemental world where there’s contention even within social groups. At times it becomes very easy to see how characters are united almost solely through economic circumstance. At others, the characters become their own found family. The Outsiders is a wonderful examination of the greyness of the world and how one small incident can change a life forever.

Yours in love and literature, Page.

Content warning(s): violence, su*c*de, death, alcohol, cigarettes, smoking, drugs, abuse, weapons, referenced s*xual content, minor swearing

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