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October 3, 2019
A Massive Heist, Attempted By Teenagers
by Page Turner

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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – TEEN REVIEW

Kaz Brekker may be young, but his reputation as a criminal mastermind is no mistake. He’s been a part of the Dregs gang in the Barrel since he was twelve and was clever enough to just about single-handedly transform it from a laughable crew into a truly feared gang. Now, though, he’ll truly have to put his wits to the test. In exchange for a massive sum, he and a select crew will have to break into the Ice Court in Fjerda to retrieve a Shu scientist. Money is a powerful motivator and Kaz Brekker never backs down from a challenge. Will this determined crew be able to pull off this heist?

Leigh Bardugo’s world in Six of Crows is truly a marvel. Anyone who has ever attempted writing fiction knows how difficult worldbuilding can be, yet she seems to do it effortlessly. The settings and their diverse cultures make for a story that you can truly immerse yourself in. I especially loved this book for its characters. After all, who doesn’t love a band of misfits? Each embarks upon their own personal journey throughout the story, creating amazing character development. Overall, if you love Peter Pan and Artemis Fowl, you’ll enjoy this book.

Stay posted for my review of Crooked Kingdom, the sequel to this book, coming next week. Yours in love and literature, Page Turner

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