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November 24, 2017
Is he a boy… Or is he a bird?
by Page Turner


Beyond the Laughing Sky by Michelle Cuevas

Nashville is no ordinary boy. His parents found him in the cracked egg of a Nashville warbler. Nashville has a beak for a nose and mouth, and feathers for hair. His x-rays show the bones birds have for wings, but Nashville has no wings. Nashville is the town spectacle, and he hates it. Most people in his town don’t really pay attention to him, but visiting relatives are rightly surprised by the sight of the bird-boy. This year, Nashville is starting middle school. His classmates in his elementary school were used to Nashville’s appearance, but the kids in his class this year pay more attention to Nashville than he likes.

Above all else, Nashville wishes he could fly. Birds fascinate him, for obvious reasons. At the beginning, Nashville’s classmates are a bit cold toward him, but eventually they accept him. Junebug, Nashville’s sister, is Nashville’s only real friend, and she believes in him every step of the way.

Watch Nashville go on an amazing journey of self-discovery as you read Beyond the Laughing Sky.

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