Krissy Mach Atchison

Author, Teacher, Speaker

As a first time author, Krissy is thrilled to finally be able to bring her vision of  Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey to life. While this may be Krissy’s first published book, the concept of Lee Lee has been written, rewritten, and shared with her former students for over a decade.

The idea of Lee Lee began very organically when Krissy first started teaching third grade in Baltimore County, MD. Early on in her teaching career, she realized the importance of incorporating literature into her lessons. Whenever she was reading novels to her class she could not help but notice how engaged they were, and how some of her most valuable teaching moments occurred during these less structured reading times.

With this in mind, she started to think about what a great idea it would be to create fictional children’s books that loosely aligned with the state curriculum as well as the National Standards. Looking for ways to spruce up her third-grade geography lessons, she began highlighting different continents and countries where her brother, Leon, had been to surf. The students could not get enough of the stories that accompanied Leon’s travels and their interest in Social Studies related topics began to grow.

Upon combining third-grade social studies and science concepts, her brother’s childhood nickname (Lee Lee the Monkey), as well as his travels as an avid surfer and graduate student studying sustainable surf tourism, Lee Lee the Surfing Monkey was born. You will grow to adore Lee Lee and continue to follow him on his many adventures around the world!

“Books train your mind and imagination to think big.”
Taylor Swift

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