Special Places That Inspire Us and Ignite Our Creative Passion

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

—Mary Lou Cook, American Author and Chef

Recently we published a blog post about finding inspiration and overcoming writer’s block. It inspired us to share physical spaces that ignite our creativity. Changing our environment helps us see the world in new ways and can provide the spark we need to build fantasy worlds, explore new character traits, or fill that plot hole we’ve been stuck on for days.

Get Outside!

Honestly, nothing is better for deleting your head trash than sunshine and fresh air. Vitamin D has many benefits, but the neuroprotective properties that support brain cell activity are what we mean here. Not to mention how fresh air clears the lungs and makes room for more oxygen, which also helps brain function. We LOVE a good hiking trail like the one pictured. But if you’re not into “nature” a walk around your neighborhood, along the beach, or at an outdoor mall will do the trick. 

The Museum Approach

Engaging with visual art stimulates imagination and creates emotional connections. Both of which are fantastic for writing. From the old masters to ancient mosaics to modern art, inspiration is (quite literally) dripping down the walls. We are obsessed with Degas, Fabrege, and local artisans we find at the Annapolis First Sunday Arts Festival that runs from May through November. 


This need not break the bank. If you drive an hour away to a new destination, that counts! Our staff enjoys a 45-60 minute drive to a popular creamery where they can sit at picnic tables and laugh at the cows. Another popular staff comment was heading out about an hour to St. Michaels, MD, a small seaport town on the Chesapeake Bay. There’s a gorgeous lighthouse (pictured) and a fascinating Maritime Museum for those writing the next Moby Dick. All in all, “travel” just means getting as far from your comfort zone as your wallet and time allow. 

People Watching

Who doesn’t like a little people-watching, outside, on a sunny day, near or far? Most of us do this for amusement, but people-watching can enlighten us in other ways. It can inspire new characters. The interesting older gentleman who feeds the pigeons at Druid Hill Park, MD will someday make it into one staffer’s novel. This writer likes to watch the Inner Harbor from Federal Hill Park (below). The walkers, runners, shoppers, Science Center visitors, sand volleyballers, boaters, and vehicle traffic are fascinating! What a great spot for detailed world-building. 

Don’t wait for your next genius idea to strike like lightning. Take a moment to look at the world from various perspectives, identify a new solution to your writing problem, and find a way to make your newfound connections work for you. 

Do you have a favorite spot or activity to get your creative juices flowing? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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