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Baltimore, Maryland – The Omnibus Publishing is proud to announce the signing of award-winning & best-selling author, Richie Frieman’s new book, and debut memoir, The Optimistics, hitting bookstores everywhere in April, 2024.


This is Frieman’s eighth book and debut memoir. Frieman will donate a portion of the book profits to the Young-Onset Dementia Education & Support (YES!) program, which has an established Resource Partnership with the Maryland Alzheimer’s Association.


The Optimitstics is an inspiring, true story about three best friends battling Young-Onset Dementia, who dubbed themselves “The Optimistics.” Their positive outlook on their illness has created an echo chamber nationwide, allowing other Optimistics afflicted with Alzheimer’s to adopt their mantra.

In The Optimistics, Frieman details interviews with dozens of other Optimistics of all ages and professional backgrounds – along with their families – to get their viewpoints on life, love, happiness, sadness, loss, and the unbreakable desire to remain optimistic. Through countless hours of conversations over a year, Frieman’s memoir is a passionate display of love, compassion, and hope for the Alzheimer’s community.

Inspiration for The Optimistics: Aside from having members of his own family pass due to Alzheimer’s, Frieman needed to understand how the thought of remaining positive can change the world. Won over by the concept of remaining positive, The Optimistics are proving that despite having their memories, pasts, and undecided futures cut short, their disease will not stop them from living for each day.

“An inspiring true story detailing my interactions with The Optimistics, learning about life, love, happiness, sadness, loss, and the unbreakable desire to remain optimistic” ~ Richie Frieman, Author

Published by The Omnibus Publishing, An Imprint of Reading Pandas, Inc. 5422 Ebenezer Rd., POB 152, Baltimore, MD 21162

Press Inquiries: Wendy Dean @ 814-429-9623

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